Travel Help for Busy Lives

Hi! I’m Marissa and I’m glad you’re here. If you’re in search for travel help, advice or inspiration then you are in a great spot!  I am a busy girl with a full-time career in advertising and active social life but still manage to visit multiple countries a year. It is so fulfilling and each trip gives me so much to look forward to, I can’t imagine it not being a part of my life. It also makes me REALLY happy to see others benefit from my ideas and advice. Ultimately, I want to provide my clients with genuinely stellar travel help and inspiration to foster a community of career-minded people that also have fallen in love with globetrotting the way I have. Because our time is precious, we need every minute to count when exploring a new destination. 

My number one goal with Sips & Sojourn is to share solid travel advice for busy people with full lives looking to travel more (and travel better).

I’m here to prove frequent travel is not only for the nomadic travel bloggers. Nor is it only for retirees. You don’t have to quit your job to travel the world. You can be a jetsetter and have a successful career. I’m here to prove it.

Travel Style

My travel style is what I’d describe as chic-boutique-unique. What does that mean? It means I’m not backpacking and staying at hostels, but I’m also not hopping in my private jet with the 1%. I am willing to spend some money on my travels, but I also have to watch it, so budgeting is real.

For me, the best trip ever has me at an amazing property that I find inspiring and beautiful. I experience the culture and food on every level. This means I’ll try to hit a Michelin Star restaurant and a street food vendor on the same trip, maybe even the same day. I’ll see some of the major sights, but I also want to see what’s off the beaten path, ideally with a local to show me the secrets. I’ll sip wine one minute and drink a can of beer the next. I’ll experience the grand palaces and also the street art scene. You get the idea.

Balancing Work and Travel

I’m not a travel nomad (traveling 100% of the time). I have a “real” job in Chicago. So, I need to work at my career to pay for my passion. And, balance my time. But I think that is the majority of people, so I feel I can help others that are in that same situation and can’t just take off for months on end and leave their families and friends.

My goal is to go SOMEWHERE several times a year. Sometimes that is a 2 week trip in Asia, sometimes it’s a long weekend in a US National Park.  I believe with any vacation/PTO schedule you can make frequent travel work, you just have to plan. So, that’s where I can help you! I am the ultimate planner, so I will share tips on how to make the most of money and time.

My Travel Mantras

  • Wake up somewhere that inspires you the moment you open your eyes
  • It’s OK to want to see the “touristy” iconic spots (they are iconic for a reason!)
  • But, save time to see the things you don’t hear about (i.e. off the beaten path)
  • Learn at least one thing you didn’t know before about the culture you’re in
  • Connect with small-scale local guides for personalized and authentic experiences
  • Eat and drink the culture (whether that is a fancy meal or a $1 gyro on the street)

So, with that, I welcome you to share in my passion for people, places, and tasty treats. I love hearing from my readers so let me know if you found my travel advice helpful! Need a place to start? Get some destination inspiration!

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