Swimming in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon was a memorable experience and I encourage others to check it out when visiting Iceland! The Blue Lagoon is a man-made spa, but made of natural mineral-rich water high in silica which gives it the reflective property that makes it look so blue. It surrounded by lava rock, so it really looks and feels very unique. It is really stunning. Yes, you will see tourists there, but so what? You will see tourists across the whole of Iceland and at every major waterfall or glacier. Don’t let that stop you.

I think having a few planning tips will really help make the experience that much better. Here are top tips to help you prepare and set expectations to make the most of your trip!

  1. You need to book your tickets in advance. Go to the Blue Lagoon website and try to do this as soon as you know you are going. I had a friend traveling with us that tried to get tickets 2 weeks in advance and it was already sold out. If you follow some more of the tips below, I believe you should be fine getting the lowest priced package. (I did and it was perfectly fine.) 
  2. It is pricey. Like many things in Iceland, the tickets are not cheap. Prices fluctuate with the time of year and even the time of day, but expect to pay at least $50 USD if not more.
  3. Aim for the first time slot. If you can be the first group to enter, the locker rooms will be empty when you get in and the crowds in the water will be a little lighter. They only sell so many tickets so it never gets overly crowded but it’s really nice to walk into an empty locker room. You can start lining up inside 15-30 minutes before it actually opens so I recommend going in and lining up so you can get in the locker room first. Another bonus to the first time slot – You get to see the sunrise over the lagoon!
  4. Bring your own towel and flip flops. This will save you money so you don’t need to rent them there! Take a towel that will stand out in the crowd as yours because you hang the towels in a communal area. Just to be safe, I’d take a pair of flip flops that you wouldn’t be heartbroken if you lost because those are put in a communal area too. It’s unlikely they’d disappear, but just in case. You can also bring a robe if there’s room in your suitcase.
  5. Wear your hair up. The mineral-rich water can be really tough on hair, making it a rats nest and really dry and hard to deal with for days after. They do give you special conditioner to put on your hair if you do want to dip your head in, but if you want to save your hair, bring hair ties and bobby pins so you can put it high up on your head and not worry about it.
  6. Bring waterproof camera accessories. Once you’re in, it’s likely you’ll want to take pictures! They turn out really cool! I recommend either bringing a waterproof GoPro or putting your camera phone in a waterproof phone bag (like this one) so you can swim without worry. 
  7. Be ready for the locker rooms. There are a number of people there sharing the locker room but it is well-designed. There are showers with privacy (though no good place to put your towel) and there is one changing room in each locker area if you don’t like changing out in the open. There will be plenty of people changing everywhere though. You also need to shower before you go in the lagoon.
  8. You can get ready after your swim. Have a bag packed with whatever toiletries and outfit you need so that you can fully get ready for the day after your swim. Keep in mind the bag will need to fit in a small, gym-sized skinny locker. They have mirrors where you can do your makeup and hair dryers.
  9. Bring a plastic bag. You’ll want somewhere to put your wet clothes so bring a plastic bag with you so you can take your swimsuit out without dripping all over the car.
  10. Wear sunglasses. If there is a hint of sun, you’ll want to have your sunglasses. The reflective water really gets bright in the sunshine!

So, now you’re all set to own the Blue Lagoon. Next, read up on how to prepare for the land OUTSIDE the Lagoon in the Iceland Travel Guide: Top Tips for an Epic Adventure!

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