Join the team!

Want to get paid to travel?

I’m on the lookout for fellow passionate female travelers to join the team to be a future Trip Leader! This could be for one trip per year or several! The opportunity is open to ladies that still have full-time jobs and can only take 2 weeks off to lead one trip per year or for those who can travel more extensively.

As a Trip Leader, your travel expenses are paid and your mission is to:

  • Learn the itinerary inside and out
  • Arrive early to check out all theĀ  planned activities and firm up details with the local guides to make sure everything planned is going to be impeccable
  • Be on location to run the trip according to the very high standards set for Sips & Sojourn retreats
  • Make sure everyone (including yourself) is having a great time!

If you’re interested in learning more, please submit your info below and you’ll receive a follow-up with more information!

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