Escape the everyday and travel the world with like-minded females your age!

You’re not alone, girl. You are juggling work, family, social life, chores, pushing the limits of dry shampoo, living from one caffeine boost to another and would love to just take a break for a week somewhere amazing, see some more of the world and take in an epic sunset with a cocktail in hand. You’d love to be traveling more!

But trying to corral people to travel with is just as stressful as what’s making you need the escape in the first place! I mean, you can barely get brunch on the calendar three months out.

Join a small group of women who are in the same boat, all born in the ’70s and ’80s. When you have a like-minded crew in the same life stages, the chemistry part is easy. We’ll explore. We’ll eat. We’ll laugh. We’ll bond. We’ll marvel together at how this beautiful world can really replenish your deserving soul. 

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