For starters, there are other group travel companies out there, but I found a few issues that I felt weren’t being solved.

  1. Many are for a younger traveler.
  2. Many are for an older traveler.
  3. Some are just too large. I personally don’t like to feel like I’m in a herd when I travel. 
  4. Many have an “adventure” focus. I like some adventure, but I wanted something that was more a mix of adventure, culture, food and sightseeing.
  5. Many are for a co-ed group, but I wanted to create something specifically for females and centered around female bonding. 

So, I saw a reason to form what I consider to be the perfect retreat group for females in the GenX and Millennial age group.

Group travel for newbies:

Never done group travel before? I know some people are hesitant. But having done several group trips I can tell you there is a magic element when you get like-minded people together in a situation that is new to the whole group. Friendships and bonds form fast, likely because you all have one thing in common: everyone is out of their element! It doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert or introvert, I find that the group dynamic can be a magical thing, particularly when you have a guide and only need to worry about discovering and having fun. I have made life-long friends on group retreats and I believe you will too!

There are a few pillars that are important to me in every Sips retreat:

  • FUN – Enough said.
  • UNIQUE – You will have experiences that are curated and special with the local culture, getting access to things you wouldn’t easily on your own.
  • EASY – This is a full service, low-stress way to see places that might otherwise feel complicated, risky or overwhelming to plan.
  • RESTORATIVE – You will return from your trip ready to take on life again with a renewed positivity and clear head. 

What to expect:

  • Boutique hotels and villas I’d classify as affordable luxury with high design
  • See the iconic sights but also focus on immersive and “off the beaten path” adventures to see the true culture of a destination
  • Special and unique excursions with local experts that are passionate about their culture (wine makers, chefs, artists, cultural guides)
  • Food and drink experiences in the tradition of the locale
  • Wellness activities and enough down time to recharge

If you’re even considering a group travel retreat, then you’re ready! I promise. Sign up below to be added to the list and you’ll be the first to hear about our first destinations!

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